Picture It: December 2012

She may not look like me, but I’ve compiled a neat list of signs that my daughter and I share at least a few of our genes:

  • “I’m cold. I should snuggle under a blanket. Brrrrrrrrr. When is it going to be summer again?”
  • “I love playing with nesting dolls! Aww, look at this one; it’s so tiny. AWWWW.”
  • “Drinking water makes my body healthy. … Do I have to drink ALL the water in this cup?”
  • “Yeah, I want to dress up as an old lady Pia Pillow!”
  • “Ow! I hurt my thumb eating my dessert.”
  • “Is my hair going to ever be uncurly again? Will the curliers make it curly forever? Let’s brush it out before it stays curly for forever.”
  • “MOM! I have an emergency! My movie isn’t working!”
  • “How small does this sucking candy need to be before I can bite it? This small? This small? How about THIS small?”
  • “I think I have a tummy ache. It’s a gas bubble. I think it’s just gas. … I’m hungry.”
  • “Go to bed? But I haven’t had any dessert yet!”
  • “Let’s just read ONE more book before going to bed. Please?”
  • “I give up!”



3 responses to “Picture It: December 2012

  1. That’s adorable! I hear myself in my girls all the time too. It makes me giggle, especially since when they’re teenagers there’s a good chance they will try to be as different from me as possible.

  2. That photo is TOO CUTE! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing. Funny how little people open their mouths, or move a certain way, or get a look on their face, and you can clearly see…

    Oh my gosh, they are just like us!!

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